Applied Machine Learning Solutions

Delivering resilient and reliable Artificial Intelligence services for commercial enterprises and research and development purposes

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Our main focus

Analytics & Financial Benchmarking

Analytics tools for custody consultants and fund managers to optimize their custodial banking operations via benchmarking, trend analysis, monitoring performance, and peer group comparison.


Benchmarking platform to rate clients’ products, services, and practices against those of competitors in the industry.


Reporting engine that generates evaluation data in fully customisable format.


Interactive business visualisation tools to explore ideas and information.

Data Science & Integration

Data Science

Machine learning, statistics and data analysis techniques to perform categorisation, classification and identification of structured data (e.g. datasets), as well as unstructured real-world data, including naturally-variable object analysis (such as face recognition, hand-written data, and ecosystem recognition).

Data Processing & Management

We specialise in collecting, pre-processing, and managing data.

  • Data Cleansing and Enrichment
  • Migration and Synchronisation
  • Data Federation

Decision Process Automation

Analytics engine to suggest best course of action, while allowing decision makers to remain in control. We do this by compiling historical and current data, analysing it and and generating ranked outcomes and recommended actions.
By automating the decision making process, our system yields accurate results rapidly, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

  • Gather Data
  • Suggest additional perfomance tests
  • Analyse data
  • Output ranked outcomes

Control Systems Engineering

Consultancy services to deliver automation and computer modelling to key engineering enterprises. Some of our past clients include the transport industry, where we worked with some of the largest logistics suppliers, such as Maersk (Denmark), as well as Metronet Rail (UK), servicing some of London’s busiest infrastructure.

Intelligent Processing
(Language, Vision, Sound)

Computer Vision

  • Image and video processing software
  • Imaging tools and 3D imaging
  • Systems that can recognise naturally variable objects and be used in face recognition, hand-written document analysis, and ecosystem identification and classification.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Stock market prediction
  • Executive recruitment and HR services
  • Real-estate data analysis

Audio and Sequential Data

Speech generation and recognition for key telecommunications customers, such as Samsung Mobile UK.

Adaptive Software & Infrastructure Development

Due to the nature of our work, we specialise in developing full-stack tailored services. Our back-end systems are customsiable and automated to manage themselves across failure scenarios. We build systems that are redundant, reliable and fast.

Managed and Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Private cloud management and computing
  • Systems are fully burstable and capable of rapid growth and scaling
  • Distributed computing resources
  • Back-end data optimisation, storage and distribution.

Software Management, Optimisation and Integration

  • Optimise clients’ software and applications to respond to how they run on our infrastructure to meet the clients’ exact specification
  • Adaptive web applications
  • Visual interface and web meta-languages for customisation
  • Graphical front-end and secure web portals.

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Some of our clients and projects

Amaces, UK/US

Bespoke Financial Data Analytics & Reporting Software, Data Management


“Aeye have supported us with a business-critical financial business intelligence suite of software for many years since our business inception.

They are the key to the technology success of our business and have ably dealt with every technical challenge we have set them.

Their responsiveness and 24/7 assistance has been a key factor in ensuring we can deliver the quality our clients expect; which include many of the largest European fund managers and pension funds.

We have found Aeye an easy, flexible and enjoyable technology partner to work with.”

James Economides
Managing Director

Metronet, London UK

Automated Data Interpretation from disparate free text sources, Data
Migration and Cleaning. Control Systems, Automated maintenance inspection, Adaptive and preemptive maintenance solutions


“Aeye have been a very easy company to work with and despite many false starts on our side Aeye have accommodated us exceptionally well.

The fault data received will prove invaluable, as for the first time we have a good population of fault data. This will allow us to start to assess the trends this data provides in conjunction with other data sets available.

This project has shown me how much we do not understand our data. I am impressed with the professionalism and ability to get a good output despite our difficulties in providing coherent data.

Aeye has been a great company to work with. They have been patient and professional all the way through the project. I hope there is opportunity to work together in the future.”

Andy C. Robertson
Incident Categorization, Metronet Rail


Consultancy, Control Systems Engineering – developing a bespoke control system (including operating system) and control software to fuse data from a set of sensors to result in reliable, safety critical control of key heavy machinery.


We modelled the physics of the system to an appropriate level of accuracy which enabled us to test our solution before arriving on site.
It required only minor tuning to adapt it to the target machinery and was able to further adapt to the physical system once it was in place. The software was able to handle the statistically noisy sensor data in a stable manner.

Dearman, UK
Evovlve International, UK
iO1, UK
Marlar Bennetts, UK
Optoma, UK/Korea
Meryll Lynch, USA
Samsung Mobile, UK
Vividas, Australia
PSI Tech, UK
Tasmanian Hydro, Australia
Dearman, UK

Consultancy, Control Systems Engineering.

Dearman is a company that pioneers the development of clean liquid air technology, specialising in refrigerated transport and commercial vehicles.

Evovlve International, UK

Consulting, Intelligent Solutions to large engineering & maintenance projects.

“I have been struck by the very impressive technical expertise that exists across the Aeye team which, together with their very positive, ‘can-do’ attitude, makes pretty well anything possible. For any organisation that wants to achieve competitive edge this is a big bonus.

The Aeye team are a delight to work with and go out of their way to be helpful, supportive and, very importantly, understand your needs. If they think you need to consider different options, they will challenge you in a very constructive way to help you come to the best possible decisions.

Their commitment to their customers is second to none and they very often go beyond the call of duty. In my experience they are always considerate, objective and great fun to work with.

A great team to work with!”

Nicole Wehden
Director, Evolve International

iO1, UK

Consulting, Predictive Analysis Software.

“We have been working with Aeye now for a couple of years, during this time we have come to rely on them as a true partner who genuinely can solve even the most complex problems. Their technology knowledge and overall professionalism in implementation is second to none.

We would happily recommend Aeye to anyone looking for a serious technology partner.”

Fintan Galvin
Managing Director, IO1

Marlar Bennetts, UK

Consulting, Data Management.

“Our association with Aeye goes back a long time, to when they took over as technical consultants and solution providers to MBI. Since that time, their various technicians have been extremely pro-active and helpful to our consultants and staff, in providing solutions to any problems, either on site, on the telephone or via e-mail.

Whether it be consulting or a technical problem, we always receive a cheerful welcome and a prompt reply. Nothing appears to be too much trouble, and the speed with which they respond to our queries is paramount to the credibility of our business.

I am pleased to say that the service we have received from Aeye has been excellent; their knowledge is far in excess of the industry standard which we typically received from predecessors. The refreshing humour and confidence that the Aeye team exhudes also makes our task much easier.

Accordingly, we at MBI would have no hesitation in recommending Aeye to any company that is considering using their services. If anyone would like to speak to me personally, I would be only too pleased to hear from them.”

Brian Bennetts
Chief Executive, Marlar Bennetts International

Optoma, UK/Korea

Consulting, Data Transaction Processing, Data Integration with third parties

Optoma is a global audio and visual solutions provider focusing in the design and manufacture of projectors, professional audiovisual solutions, digital cinema, laser projectors, image processing equipment and software, and professional audio products.

“We have used Aeye for several years and find that their knowledge, ability and willingness to assist us have been a tremendous help.”

Phil Naisbitt
IT Manager, Optoma

Meryll Lynch, USA

Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Processing of free text and other data in Automated Job Applications Analysis.

Samsung Mobile, UK

Voice Rendering for mobile network broadcasting.

Vividas, Australia

Interactive 3D video codec R&D with high image compression ratio.

Vividas Group is a HD streaming technology company that provides solutions for various forms of live streaming, social media, music, and corporate events.

PSI Tech, UK

Consulting, Technical/Intelligent Solutions to human metric testing and analysis.

PSI Tech offer innovation-driven engineering solutions.

Tasmanian Hydro, Australia

Consulting, dam flow and level forecasting.

About Us

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Aeye was established in London in 1994, with the business name reflecting our principal focus, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and our favourite research topic, computer vision.

We deliver intelligent solutions with built-in flexibility, resilience and adaptability which continue to deliver even when the unexpected happens. Our motto is Adaptability is the key to self-sufficiency. We build systems that are able to learn in order to adapt to changing situations. To achieve this level of effectiveness we apply new techniques and approaches to development and rely on the scientific method.

We do this with continuous research, development and prototyping by our global team of skilled and creative staff at the frontiers of their specialisations. Aeye operates in the UK, New Zealand and Canada.

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