How do you know whether you benefit?

  • You have incoming data that contains potentially valuable insight locked within it which is central to your business and operations.
  • This data is stored and retrievable. Ideally, along with wide-ranging related data, whether structured, such as tables and records, or unstructured, such as written text and documents.
  • You may have data that can be augmented with data from public/external archives or the web.
  • The same goes for engineering data, sensor data, weather, or other factors.

What sort of insights might you learn from your data?

  • How to most easily increase quality of your outputs.
  • What your clients might really want.
  • Where you need to focus to most easily stop the gaps.
  • Where you need to train to see highest ROI.
  • Where automations can be implemented and also intermediate heads-up and background work can be done to ease throughput bottlenecks. Free up valuable staff from mundane repeated tasks
  • How things can be reorganised to optimise outputs relative to contentions.
  • What your clients and the wider community might really think about you and your products or activities.
  • How best you might recover from some difficult situation or event.