“Aeye have been a very easy company to work with and despite many false starts on our side Aeye have accommodated us exceptionally well.

The data generated by Aeye is against our ‘theoretical hierarchies’ and not our actual ‘name codes’. Whilst this is what was expected there is lessons to be learnt from this as we have multiple assets often against one level of the theoretical name code. However our initial review would point to the data received as improving our data set considerably and probably as far as our data will allow.

The fault data received will prove invaluable as for the first time we have a good population of fault data in Ellipse. This will allow us to start to assess the trends this data provides in conjunction with other data sets available in Ellipse.

This project has shown me how much we do not understand our data. This has been the single biggest issue with the project. However from am Aeye perspective I am impressed with the professionalism and ability to get a good output despite our difficulties in providing coherent data.

Aeye has been a great company to work with. They have been patient and professional all the way through the project. I hope there is opportunity to work together in the future.”

Andy C. Robertson
Incident Categorization, Metronet Rail

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