At Aeye, we have established ourselves as an environment-friendly company, and we are continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help our clients do the same.

Current status

  • We are making a difference by using 100% green electricity.
  • We are printing only when it cannot be avoided and in most cases this is due to print-outs required for company administration purposes.
  • We recycle 100%, using only recycled and recyclable materials.

What’s next

  • Completely neutralize our transport and flights.
  • Switch to the most efficient equipment available.
  • Increase the carbon offset efforts to become a carbon-negative company

Every solution and service we provide is designed to help our customers reduce their carbon foot-print. Moreover, we are always keen to share our knowledge in that area with everybody.

Furthermore, we are working on some technical solutions to help avert the environmental challenges ahead. This is quite a major focus for us, and a lot of resources go into this endeavor. This is what makes the business and its technology worthwhile!

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